Mistress Jasmine's Application


So you hope to book a session with myself, the Goddess and Mistress Jasmine, or my adorable submissive Alice?

Here is what I need you to do. You are going to send me a detailed email  ( restraints4you@gmail.com ) with the following information:


First, who are you and where were you so lucky to have learned my name? Privacy and discretion are respected. You do not have to use your real name if you do not want to. Alert me if you are a couple.

Tell me your age and gender (biological and/or preferred).

Next: I need a description of your kinks, fantasy and interests. Both slave Alice and myself have detailed feature sheets on our respective pages that you can review for ideas. The more you tell me the better. This includes my or slave Alice's physical appearance and dress. 

I need to know of any health troubles you may have. For instance, heart issues, areas that cannot be hit due to past injury or bad joints (such as your knees). 

If you're going to take pain:

  • For you, is pain a punishment or a reward?
  • Can you handle pain as light, moderate or heavy?
  • Can you have marks left on your body? Light, moderate, heavy, or none?

How long would you like to have a session together? I charge by the hour. There is a fee for outcall sessions that covers either travel or hotel expenses.

$200 1 hour session: Mistress Jasmine

$500 1 hour session: slave Alice

Custom pricing for us both.


You address me with respect and intelligence and we will be off to a great start.

DominantlyMistress Jasmine

Hope to hear from you soon!


Both myself (Mistress Jasmine), and my submissive Alice will participate in BDSM or fetish modeling. Email me to inquire about pricing and scheduling.


Simply want to show me your loyalty and appreciation? Ask me what's on my wish-list and perhaps you may have the honor of sending me a gift. Be sure to bow to your Goddess.

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